“THE CAUSE is the culmination of an academic year’s efforts by students and faculty at the Department of Mass Communication and Media (MCM) at the Gulf University for Science and Technology. It is organized jointly with the student-led Media Club and the PR Club, as well as dozens of student volunteers and others enrolled in several MCM courses. It is the Department’s philosophy to take a hands-on approach to learning where students can apply their skills and talents to projects outside of the traditional classroom environment, and in a way that engages them with local industries where the skills that they are being taught, are put into practice.

To help achieve this goal, the teams organize conferences in a three-year sequence, each of which is dedicated to an area of emphasis within the department’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Mass Communication. These include

1)Visual Communication
2) Radio and TV Broadcasting
3) Public Relations and Advertising

In the 2013-2014 academic year, the department organized THE SEEN conference which focused on Visual Communication. THE SCRIPT celebrated Kuwaiti pioneers in Radio, TV, Film, and Theatre. This year THE CAUSE is dedicated to Public Relations and Advertising with an emphasis on the topic of Social Responsibility.

The Mass Communication and Media Department at GUST offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication, the discipline that is concerned with various areas related to media. Our programs are designed so that students obtain both theoretical and practical foundations leading them to competently work and meet the challenges found in different media-related professions.”