ABEER 2

    Abeer2 Voluntary Team for Mentally Disabled is a registered charity which helps people are mentally disabled. The center offers therapeutic intervention, academic training, arts workshops. The centre aims to provide services to serve children and youth with special needs to rely on themselves, the centre organizes an enjoyable and useful trips, and training courses on horse riding and bowling under the supervision of well trained specialists. Abeer 2 voluntary centre is an educational and social foundation that provides evening services throughout the year, holidays and summer period in the framework of encouraging volunteerism in the area of special groups. It works on supporting and taking care of children and youth with special needs in order to improve their abilities and skills according to their individual potentials. 
    For more information contact: 
    Phone: 25240626 
    Fax: 25240616 
    Website: http://www.abeer2.com/



    TKUWAIT CHILD’S RIGHTS SOCIETY KCRS operating under the Kuwait Medical Association is a non-profit organization promoting children’s rights in Kuwait society based on the UN convention of the rights of children. Established by two Kuwaiti doctors in 2008, who witnessed a high number of child abuse cases while in duty. In 2010 a collaborative study between KCRS and the Psychiatry Department in Kuwait University revealed the high prevalence of child abuse in Kuwait. KCRS has since focused on spreading awareness about this taboo subject and advocating for every child in Kuwait. KCRS was directly involved in the formulation of Child Rights Law which was finally passed in May 2015 with the guideline published in January 2016. As the issue is very harsh and hard for this society to accept and acknowledge, we are still at the early stages of implementation.

    - Continuously support the Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect team (SCAN team) Part of the Ministry of Health Initiative
    - Continuous community awareness campaign on the rights of children
    - Establish a nationwide program on positive parenting (Triple P- Positive Parenting Program)
    - Advocate for a Child Abuse Hotline - A communication tool that will assist the children and their care givers in getting the help needed
    - Become the voice of the abused children and help them secure a better way of living. ’. 





    The Kuwaiti Association for Learning Differences (KALD) is a social welfare association that collaboratively works towards helping all individuals, especially students in private schools in Kuwait, who have learning difficulties and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder through setting up awareness programs, training courses, and other educational activities.

    Kald that was established in 2007 by Mrs. Amaal Al Sayyer (Chairwoman) with the help of a number of volunteers is funded by Masharaee Al Khair and Kuwait Projects Company (Holding). Its Board of Trusties includes specialists, educators and parents who believe in KALD’s cause. Members of kald have chosen “learning differences” instead of “learning difficulties” because they believe that the targeted students are intelligent people and the only difference between them and other students is that they have their own way of learning.

    Phone:+965 24912963
    Fax:+965 24912974
    Mobile:+965 94427262
    Email: [email protected]
    Web: http://www.kaldkuwait.com/english.aspx