Daily Newspapers Coverage of the Gala Ceremony of Al-Shakoor Award

Al Seyassah, Alanba, Al-Rai, and Al-Qabas daily newspapers covered the Gala ceremony of Al-Shakoor  Award that took place at the Gulf University of Science and Technology on April, 14, 2016. You can more details in Arabic language if you visit their websites at the following links:

القدومي: تخريج 3600 طالب وطالبة يشاركون في بناء المجتمع

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GUST organizes festival for people with disabilities

Gulf University for Science and Technology’s (GUST) Mass Communications Department organized a festival for people with disabilities yesterday at the Kuwait Scientific Center. “‘Cause’ is a social responsibility project that is part of a student-faculty collaboration series, which each year organizes a major conference,” said Antonia Jolic, an instructor at the Mass Communications Department. She told Kuwait Times that this event will raise money for a good cause for people with disabilities.

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